3 Pieces Of Evidence A Slip And Fall Attorney Will Use To Win Your Case

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Slip and fall hazards can be anywhere. You may be shopping for groceries, running errands at the mall, or even walking down the street before you realize you've stepped onto a hazardous surface. When these accidents happen, it is important to consider legal recourse, especially if someone is responsible. Slip and fall lawyers are experienced in handling these kinds of cases and will do everything to help you win your case. Here are three crucial pieces of evidence they'll use to support your claim.


When you trip and fall, you should take photos of the accident's location as soon as possible. Unfortunately, doing this yourself may be difficult, especially if you're severely injured. This is where a slip and fall attorney comes in. They'll make sure pictures are taken of anything hazardous or unsafe on the property, such as broken stairs, slippery floors, and poor lighting conditions that could have caused your fall. They'll also have photos taken of the scene from different angles to ensure they capture all potential hazards. These pictures will enable them to prove that the negligence of the property owner or manager caused your injuries. It will also help them prove how severe your injuries are so that there is no dispute about them later in your case.

Witness Statements

Anyone who witnessed your accident may be willing to provide statements about what they saw. Even if a witness cannot remember exactly how you fell or what caused you to slip, their statement may still be helpful by providing insight into any hazardous conditions that were present at the time of the fall. Slip and fall lawyers are skilled at obtaining witness statements and using them to build a strong case in your favor. They'll examine the statements to ensure they are accurate and contact the witnesses to determine whether or not they're willing to provide additional details.

Medical Records

In many slip and fall cases, a victim's medical records are critical as they provide proof of the injuries sustained from the accident. These records usually document the initial assessment of the injury and any treatments administered by medical professionals.

Slip and fall lawyers know how to obtain copies of these records and use them to demonstrate that the injuries directly resulted from the accident. They'll point out specific details in the records, such as the diagnosis, treatment plan, and recovery timeline, to show that you were indeed injured in the accident.

If you want to win a slip and fall case, contact an experienced lawyer. A slip and fall lawyer will collect all the pieces of evidence they can find and use them to prove that you were the victim of a slip and fall incident. With them by your side, you can be confident that you'll get the best outcome.

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