3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After An Accident With An 18 Wheeler

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Not all accidents on the road are the same. If you are involved in a minor fender bender, for example, the subsequent steps you need to take are likewise simple. The same cannot be said if you are a part of an accident caused by a large commercial truck, or 18 wheeler. Not only is the aftermath often much more severe — involving serious injuries and long-term recovery, for example — but the legal cases that result are vastly more complicated. For this reason and many more, it is advisable to contact an attorney with the knowledge and experience necessary to represent you after a wreck with an 18-wheeler. Keep reading below to discover just a few of the things to gain from hiring an 18-wheeler accident attorney.

Investigate Causes

One of the keys to proving liability in a legal context is by investigating the true cause of the accident. Some causes are similar to those in everyday car accidents. Fatigued drivers, driving under the influence, and manufacturing defects are just a few examples. But other causes are unique to accidents involving 18-wheelers. A trailer that was not properly loaded or inspections that were not carried out in the required way may just as easily cause an accident. An attorney can help get to the bottom of what actually caused the accident, which makes getting the compensation you deserve that much easier.

Communicating with Various Parties

In the case of an average car accident that involves two licensed individual drivers, they are usually only two parties concerned. An accident with an 18-wheeler features several parties, however. In addition to the drivers, relevant parties include the trucking company the driver is employed by, the owner of the truck or trailer (if this is a different entity than the trucking company), and the company responsible for the goods that were loaded on to the truck, among others. Communicating with these parties and their insurance companies can be exhausting at best and seemingly impossible at worst if you are not represented by an attorney. 

Filing Records

One of the most important things you should remember to do after an accident is keeping all important or relevant records. These can be vital to proving your case and may include everything from accident reports, a record of missed work due to injuries, and all medical expenses you have taken on yourself. An attorney can advise you on what records to keep and then file them for you.

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