Did Another Driver Hit Your Car And The Officers Wanted You To Take A Breathalyzer? What T Do

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If you were in an auto accident and the officers wanted you to take a breathalyzer, but you refused and stalled, and then by the time you got to the station the officers threatened and tried to force a blood or urine test on you? If so, you want to meet with a specialized DUI attorney right away. You need the best professional possible for this type of crime, and you want to get a lawyer with experience handling these types of cases. Here are some of the things you want to ask about.

License Suspension

In some states the punishment for refusing a test to prove sobriety can be an automatic year without a license. If you will be facing this type of punishment, you want to get a lawyer so that you can try to get at least work privileges with the license, along with picking kids up from day care or other needs. This is something that the lawyer will start working on right away.

Fighting the DUI

Was the accident caused by the other driver, and the officers had no reason to suspect that you were drinking, or to want to asses a DUI test? If so, talk with the lawyers about how the situation was approached by the officers, what their reasoning was for wanting to test you, and how you were turned into the criminal after you were the victim in the accident.

Going After the Other Driver

Do you want to go after the other driver because of any injuries or damages you have to your vehicle that go beyond what their insurance company is willing to pay, or what yours is willing to pay? Also for the time and suffering this accident has now caused you because you are being accused of a DUI charge? If so, ask your lawyer if this is an option and if these things will be a factor in getting a settlement.

If you were in an auto accident that someone else caused, and a police officer neglected to properly go after the other driver and test them, and they put the focus on you and you refused to take a breathalyzer, you want to get a lawyer right away. It's imperative to get a lawyer so you can fight the charges, get compensation for what happened to you, and to keep your driving license and driving privileges.