Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

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Paying your property taxes can be an important responsibility for any homeowner. Unfortunately, there can be many issues that may arise during the course of paying these fees, and this could lead to individuals needing to work with a legal professional to resolve these matters.

Property Tax Assessments Can Be Erroneous

During the process of establishing a value for the property, the government will consider the transactions of similar homes in your area. Unfortunately, there can be times when these transactions may not actually be representative of the value of your property, and this could lead to the tax assessment being substantially higher than you may have anticipated. Depending on the overestimation that has occurred, you may even find that it could be a severe financial challenge to afford these yearly taxes on the property.

A Property Tax Attorney Can Assist With Appealing The Tax Assessment For Your Property

In the event that you are facing a property tax assessment that is based on an estimated value of the property that is substantially higher than what you believe to be reasonable, it may be possible to appeal this determination. This process will typically involve obtaining independent appraisals of the property from licensed professionals. Furthermore, a formal appeal will need to be filed. While this is an option that can help to protect your rights as a property owner, the entire ordeal can be rather challenging due to the complexity that is involved. Furthermore, mistakes during the appeal could lead to denials or delays that could be costly to resolve. Hiring an attorney to represent you through this process can help you with avoiding these issues while giving yourself the best chance of the appeal being approved.

You May Only Have A Limited Time To File An Appeal On The Tax Assessment

It should be noted that you may only have a limited amount of time to start the appeal process for the tax assessment. Failing to start this appeal within the regulated timeframe can result in you being unable to pursue this matter again until the next time that the property undergoes a tax valuation. For this reason, it is advisable to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after you receive the notice of your property tax valuation. This can help to ensure that you will have enough time to successfully contest this appraisal before you have to pay the inflated tax rate on the property. 

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