Hidden Car Accident Injuries: A Personal Injury Lawyer Knows Exactly What They Are

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Sometimes individuals get involved in car accidents and fail to get immediate medical treatment. They may decline an offer to be transported to the emergency room for evaluation based on how they feel. Individuals involved in accidents may experience an adrenaline rush, which may result in them not being able to feel pain. It may take hours or days before they are aware of their injuries. However, going to the emergency room may detect injuries. The staff members have a variety of diagnostic tests they can perform to detect hidden injuries. 

Negligent or at-fault drivers may be liable for paying for property damage and injuries. Some accident victims have their lives altered forever and may be entitled to compensation. This is why prompt medical treatment is important. Insurance companies may attempt to negate the injury claims if victims delay treatment. Victims may need to return to the ER several times after their initial visit and also require follow-up treatment with other medical providers. The following points represent a few types of hidden injuries that a victim may not feel or notice immediately after a car accident.

Shoulder and Chest Injuries

Some drivers may assume that seatbelts protect them against most car accident injuries. Seatbelts save lives, but they can also cause shoulder and chest injuries in certain scenarios. They restrain individuals in their seats during car accidents, which can prevent devastating consequences such as being ejected from a vehicle. However, the tightening effects of the mechanisms may cause injuries such as torn muscles, damage to soft tissues, and fractured ribs. 

Herniated Discs

The spinal column is made up of discs that have tissue in between them. If there are injuries to the tissue, it results in a herniated disc. The back pain may take a while to present itself, and herniated discs may also be caused by things such as heavy lifting. Prompt medical treatment and continuous monitoring by health professionals after a car accident is one of the best ways to prove spinal injuries from car accidents.


The neck muscles and soft tissue are affected by this type of collision. It commonly occurs when vehicles are rear-ended. Individuals may experience their necks forcefully going back and forth in a jerking motion. Deployed airbags may also cause whiplash. Individuals who experience this type of injury may experience long-term neck pain and headaches. It may affect their ability to work. Severe nerve damage from whiplash is also likely to be long-term or last a lifetime. Missed employment is considered a compensable personal injury.

A personal injury lawyer is a resource to use to learn more about seeking compensation for hidden injuries. They can negotiate settlements for victims.