Key Questions You Need To Ask Your Legal Advisor Before Filing A Claim After A Motorcycle Crash

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A catastrophic motorcycle crash can leave you confused about the steps you should take to pursue justice. Unfortunately, hasty decisions can lead to costly mistakes that can hinder payment to cover damages. Perhaps your best course of action is to hire professional legal advice to help you understand the measures you should take. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney can guide you and help protect your legal rights. Here are questions you can ask them to help you make informed decisions before filing your personal injury claim.

Ask Them Whether You Need to Call Law Enforcers

The wrongdoer is aware that being implicated with causing the crash can land them in jail. Therefore, they might try to convince you not to contact relevant authorities, promising to take care of incurred damages. Accepting such an offer can be a big mistake, and the at-fault party can change their mind later, denying you justice. It is best to avoid accepting an agreement between you and the wrongdoer and instead inform law enforcers about the accident.

Concerned authorities will undertake a thorough investigation and create an official report analyzing how the accident happened. The report is critical evidence that your personal injury lawyer will use when filing your claim to help prove the wrongdoer was responsible for your injuries.

Ask Them What You Need to Do When Insurance Investigators Contact You

The insurance company will want to investigate the accident before deciding on the payment you deserve. There is a likelihood that they will contact you to get some information or check a few facts. Unfortunately, the insurance agents will want to use this opportunity to trick you into saying something they can use against you. They will try to retrieve information to help them link you to the collision to lower payment.

You need to seek your lawyer's guidance on what to do when insurance investigators approach you. Chances are, they will advise you against answering questions without consulting them. Doing so will keep you from saying something that can implicate you in the collision or deny you the chance to pursue the highest payment possible.  

If you're involved in a motorcycle crash, your top priority after treatment is to seek justice and an acceptable settlement. You want to ask your personal injury law attorney key questions before filing your lawsuit. They will guide you through the filing process, keep you from sharing incriminating information, and ensure that you get crucial evidence. As a result, you will have a strong claim, maximizing your chances of getting an acceptable payment. 

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