Hire A Deportation Defense Attorney To Represent You In Court Hearing

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Just because the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has issued you an order of deportation and you've been detained does not mean that you have no rights. You do have the right to ask an immigration judge to review your case before an attempt is made to remove you from the United States. Inform the ICE officers that you want to see an immigration judge to review your case.

Your Right To Acquire An Attorney

You do have the right in America to hire an immigration lawyer to represent you at the removal hearing. The immigration judge is required to give you enough time to seek an immigration lawyer, speak with the lawyer, and hire the attorney. Clearly state for the records that you would like to hire an attorney. Do not waive your right to hire an immigration attorney. The hearing judge is required to tell you about the services of low-cost legal services, and you'll be given the list at your hearing.

Do Not Represent Yourself In A Deportment Case

Immigration laws are complicated, and you should not appear in court without having an immigration attorney who is present to counsel you before the hearing and be at your side during your court hearing. Immigration attorneys are knowledgeable about the legal system, and you'll benefit from their counseling. You can rest assured that the attorney will help you to gain a fair hearing in the courtroom.

Receiving Bond

When you retain an immigration attorney, that attorney will help you to receive bond that enables you to continue residing in America. During that time you can still continue to work and take care of your family while your attorney fights the deportment order so that you can remain in the United States.

Your Deportation Order May Be For A Minor Offense

If you were involved in unlawful activity that resulted in the deportation order (there are such laws that relate to different types of violation), a deportation order sometimes appears to be an extreme order in the case of minor offenses. Hiring a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer can help your right to remain in America. In your case, the attorney can successfully argue that you have the right to remain in the United States.

Navigating The Immigration Court For Your Benefit

Your experienced immigration attorney navigates the immigration court system with ease and is your true advocate at all times. You do have a greater chance for a successful outcome in obtaining relief from deportation with the help of your immigration attorney.

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