Know Your Rights: Avoiding Falling Into Insurance Traps After Your Motorcycle Accident

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If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, the first instinct you may have is to call your insurance company so that you can make a claim for your losses. While that is not the wrong approach to take, there are some mistakes you can make if you do not take some time to think about your accident. The following are some things you should avoid when dealing with your insurer after a motorcycle accident:

You Let Your Insurer Record Your Conversation

When making contact with your insurance company, there may be a request to have your conversation recorded. This is not a legal requirement and it can come back to bite you later on. If they ask to record you, politely decline. If your conversations somehow show up later on during your claims process, you should contact your attorney to consider a suit, as recording without consent is illegal in many states.

Do Not Sign Any Documentation Right Away

Another mistake many people make after a motorcycle accident is signing waivers and releases too quickly without taking the time to read them thoroughly. After an accident, you may not be thinking clearly enough to consider how much money you are going to be out because of your condition. You may find that you have undiscovered injuries that will need treatment. If you sign a release too soon, you could lose out on the insurer paying for those treatments. Be sure to speak with your attorney before signing anything from your insurance company.

Thoroughly Evaluate Before Accepting A Settlement

If you are in a financial bind, a large sum of money in the form of a settlement can seem very enticing. However, many times the first settlement figure may not adequately cover all of your damages. Have your attorney look over the settlement to ensure you are getting fairly compensated after your accident.

Keep Abreast With Time Limits For Claims

An important thing to keep in mind is that you only have a certain amount of time to sign your proof of loss statement. Many policies offer a short window in which you can bring legal action. If you do not settle within the specified timeframe, you can lose your right to any compensation. You may be able to get help from an attorney if you wait too long, but it is best to avoid that situation if at all possible.

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